ies aren't all one story, they're a few stories where I chose to explore the different possible dynamics of interracial couples and the individuals that make up said couple. If you're still reading this I applaud your enthusiasm but the story starts after the title line... Quality takes time and I've very proud of teen beeg this story so hit sex beeg me up with some comments if you like it. If you hate it give me a viable reason you hate it. I've beeg coom yet to get complaint mail that's complaining about anything other than the lengthy wait which I apologize for. This story and beeg-com the first one both explore relationships where race is noticed and ignored. These men know and don't care about race, which is how we all should be. I think my next story beeg come may have more beag.com drama in it, not tube beeg sure yet. All work are the original work of the author, beeg sex video me, feel free to read but do not take my shit and represent it as your own... that being beeh said... enjoy Ebony X Ivory: Austin's Affection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Austin just looked beeg tube down at me. Eyes the same blue as www.beeg com the sky were so close I beeg mom could smell the beeg video spicy cinnamon of the gum he had stopped chewing. beeg..com We just stood there, in that closet, trying not to breathe. Walter was sitting on his bed, slipping off his shoes with a huff hd beeg and starting to rub oil on his bare feet. It was the dumbest idea in the world and I couldn't beeq.com believe I'd let Austin talk me into breaking into Walter's house so we could get Austin's movie back. That's right I was risking possible jail time and a smudge on my perfectly clean rap sheet for breaking and entering over a stupid movie I hadn`t beegxx even seen yet. In hindsight I should've just had Walter www beeg.com invite us over then remind him that beeg sex his copy of The Watchmen belonged to Austin. I always thought of shit like that before hand but not with Austin. The boy routinely turned my sneaky, devious mind into mush. I should have been using those moments to examine beeg vids him more, the way I had planned to. I should have been studying his gorgeous face, the hint of jet black hair disappearing into the collar of my polo. The fact that I had him in my clothes (He came over to use the washing machine and needed to wash the clothes he had on so I lent him mine) was a tiny victory that I celebrated with lotion and a flick before he dropped his clothes off at his spot and came back to pick me up. I was, honestly, a little scared. I wasn't scared of Austin finding me out or anything, I was beeg 4k scared of going to jail. Sure it would be my first offense but I've had cousins who could say the same thing getting time like seasoned vets of the beeg hd criminal beeg hindi game and I couldn't do jail. I was a short "redbone" with a round ass, part time basketball body and a nice smile. I had just turned eighteen and beeg come no matter how sneaky and devious I was I knew those jail boys would have passed beeeg me around like a joint. Despite growing up on www.beeg..com the crazy ass 30 block of Kansas City, Missouri aka beeg hot Killa City I was always a pretty chill little nigga. beeg moms I've never been all up on xnxx beeg that hood mentality shit. My mom used to call me beeg lesbian her little "Chillaxer" cause, when I www.beeg was seven, I almost got in a fight with the very same Walter who house I had just broken into. I was such a cool little dude I had Walter over my house playing beeg hairy videogames in a week`s flat. Austin, however, was trouble. Not hood, thug type trouble but delinquent-with-no-respect-for-the-law trouble. We all smoked, to be honest, but Austin referred to himself beeg coom as "The Skater" instead of just calling himself a pothead like the rest of us. Austin wasn't adverse to defacing public property, vandalism, trespassing and the occasional public nudity. I'd only heard about that last one, apparently he barely escaped without a trip beeg. com to the pen (his record was against him and the judge was talking about making an example out of him) and got a shit ton of community service hours. So I stood there, wanting to push his tall ass up against the wall but in a situation where we couldn`t make too much noise. Then we beeg.com both looked up as we heard beeg anal Walter popping in a DVD. As the music porno beeg started my heart dropped. "Is that... porn?" Austin beeg hindi whispered as he beeg. moved towards me since the crack in the door was closer to me, which meant I could beeg porn videos see the flick. His shirt pressed against mine, not close enough but too close at the same time. My dick was starting to leak, it had been half hard since Austin grabbed two handfuls of my ass while helping free porn beeg me beeg jepang into the window. Although what he said hadn't been lost on me. Walter was watching a www.beeg.com flick which wouldn't be such a shocker but I could only hear the deep voices of men groaning and rap music playing. The sad thing was that I knew which flick it was beegcom by the voice of the top and what he was saying to the bottom who, I knew, was riding the fuck our wwwbeeg of the milf beeg guy. I had to gently push Austin off of me. My self control was weakening, I had to get him away or get one of us in the other. His eyes said sorry and the sound of Walter's fist slamming into his .beeg pelvis beeg mature hit our ears. "Ohhhh fuck." Walter groaned. I couldn't help peaking a little, stupidly risking being seen to see how big Walter's dick was. Walter had beeg anal slid down to the point his legs were towards me and his back was the only thing still on the bed. He was also using two hands to handle a tower beeg. com of dark meat that looked mouthwateringly smooth and ass achingly big. Then his right leg rose into https //beeg.com the beeg.coom air and something beegs silver was already humming in his ass. Walter wasn't just beating his tall stack of man meat, he was using fuck toys. I turned completely toward the door and made what I hoped was a disgusted expression. "What's he doin?" Austin whispered when he saw my face. He got close behind me and was looking over my head. I could hear us breathing. Walter beeg gesetz then did the unthinkable. He turned over and wrapped his hands around the vibrator, abandoning his dick in favor of anal stimulation. His round cheeks looked real inviting sitting www beeg.com on those track and field star legs. So did that long African stick plumped up and flicking cream droplets all over his beeg massage black covers. He wasn't being gentle either, he was violently attacking his own ass with the silver dick. beeg hot Then he beeq.com stood up, hummer still humming in his ass, and pulled out a second sex toy, this one a bigger dildo with a suction cup. I already knew what he was gonna do, I`d never done it but I had watched a whole lotta of porn. He attached the suction cup to his hardwood floor, tossed the smaller vibrator and straddled it, sinking beegxxx onto the huge rubber dick with a sigh that became a groan halfway down. I understood the feeling. There were days where the need felt so intense that sticking your fingers up yourself is just as much a tease as rubbing your little bud. You NEED something up there and you need it up there porn beeg yesterday. Toys become anal beeg the next logical step beeg com. because you're alone and, honestly, scared as fuck of someone finding out you're not only gay but you're the kind of gay that likes the beeg moms feel of a dick stretching your ass till you feel full and complete. "Damn..." came a disgusted voice above me and I just about died. I wanted to beeg poto watch Walter get his nut. I really wanted to go in there and offer him the services of a dick and tongue that .beeg were real, warm and had just enough experience to know what they were doing. xxx beeg Walter was this dark skinned beauty with a black indian beeg mom and an African dad. He had our features and their color and worked both like you wouldn't believe. There wasn't much room but Austin went back to his side and I pressed myself back against the wall. We could still hear Walter and his rubber dick. The polished wood floor kept making a funky sound as he rode his not-so-little toy tube beeg with as much force as gravity and his legs could provide. Walter howled and screamed as he got off beeg porche beeg mature on the huge knocker beating apart his back door. "Did free porn beeg you know?" Austin whispered as we both slid mom beeg to the floor to wait out Walter's orgasm. I just shook my head, "This is fucked up." "I mean... it's a little weird but he still our boy ain't he?" I whispered and Austin looked up like he was surprised. I instantly wanted to take it back but my pride wouldn`t let me. I was gay and I had just gotten to the stage where I could admit to myself that beeg poto I wasn't the beegs type of guy who only topped, it would be years before I admitted I was a versatile bottom and not a top who bottomed occasionally. In bee all honestly I took Austin's words a little personal. "You beegxx don't care that he's..." He flicked his wrist. I wanted to punch him. Instead I took a deep breath www beeg com and tried to speak calmly. "First of all he's not," I flicked my wrist, "He just likes dick. He beeg hairy isn't a xxxbeeg fem... He`s a jackass beeg xx porno beeg towards fems but he`s still a African bred nigga." I was beeg com. getting mad again. Did Austin, MY Austin, think that having a dick in your ass made you less of a man? His words went from slight accidental sting to accidental stab in the gut. I decided it would be best to switch tactics, I couldn't be outed by Austin. I refused to be outed by anyone without a fight. I was about to beeg ass condemn Walter for being gay, wwwbeeg saying something like how I didn't think it was cool but it wasn't my choice to make, but Austin spoke first. "Yeah but you really don't care?" His voice wasn't mad, it was self conscious and surprised. Then something clicked when I saw beeg massage that pale skin blushing in the whisper of sunlight breaking through the cracked door. "Are you...?" I whisper. He just site beeg.com beeg looks down and doesn't give me an answer, "Austin... it's beeg vids cool, you beeg free don't have to front for me." Red spread from his cheeks to his ears and down his arms. My boy was getting hot and bothered and I knew why. He couldn't even look me in the eye. It was so cute. "Thanks Trey-Trey." That ruined the moment. "Nigga if you're gonna call me something call me beegporn Trevy or Trevor... I hate that Trey-Trey bull shit. " I smiled, letting him know that I wasn't gonna xxx beeg be an ass xnxx beeg about it. Trey-Trey just sounded so... childish. I was happy. I unfolded my legs, lying them across his. He went from blushing and avoiding my eyes to smiling from ear to ear like it was the best day of his life. He jerked me onto his lap and we kissed for the first time. He ran his tongue across my bottom b eeg lip then sucked it into his mouth. beeg sex He tasted me and pulled at me, smashing my entire body into his. The need in those lips scared me a little. It was like he was letting go beeg/ of everything to show me how much he wanted me. I felt walls breaking beeg.con down in that kiss, I felt heat and passion and desperation. There was a vulnerable honesty in those lips and trust like fire. We sucked face for a while before he unbuttoned my shirt. I took his gum out my www beeg mouth and, using some crumpled paper in Walter`s closet, tossed it. I slid my hands down his sides as he took his time undressing me. I wanted him but I couldn't meet his eyes, I was afraid of what I might see there. It wasn't my first time but it was the first time I felt so important to someone. anal beeg I'd never had a problem with it but Austin made me feel funny. I had to remind myself not to speak. I guess Austin felt my hesitation because he slowed down and took over. He leaned in and tugged at my shirt. I stretched my arms backward, letting him slide my shirt sex beeg down my arms and off beeg porn videos my wrists. I risked sucking the top ridge https //beeg.com of his ear and watched as a shudder ran down his body. Austin leaned back again and just looked down at my chest, eye raping me like I wasn't a skinny little nigga at the time. porn beeg I opened my mouth beeg movies to speak and he looked up and whispered, "Sorry." Like he read my mind and knew I didn't know the words to tell him what I was feeling. We had always had chemistry. We were the kind of site beeg.com beeg guys that just clicked. It's apart of the reason I got curious about him in the first place. I was the type of friend paid for him to eat when we went out and he didn't beeg/ have the cash, I could look at his face and tell if he could pay for himself or if he didn't have the cash. He was the type of friend who I could call at 2am if I was feeling bad. I loved that boy, to tell the truth. beegxx Still that kiss had scared me, I wasn't sure beeg massage what was going on beeg beeg in his head. For the first beeh time I was scared of him. Then he took my nipple into mom beeg his mouth and that was beeg indian all she wrote. His lips were wet beeg .com suckles tasting me, soft teeth teasing me and hot breath bathing beeg sexxx me while his hands rubbed and massaged every inch of my back. I just sat back and decided to enjoy his affection. I didn't want to acknowledge that either one of us were feeling something stronger than a need to nut. Sure, It wasn't rare to find a boy who was willing to pay me that sex beeg kind of attention, but beeg.com I didn't have to tell Austin not to treat me like some dick sleeve. I didn't have to explain that I beeg porn videos like my sex rough while being treated like a fellow human being. The tall rebel under me moved his bony ass legs beeg.con and the www beeg com back of beeg x my head fell against the wall. The flick paused and so did Austin. We were statues until Walter turned the flick back beeg vids on and started riding the fake dick harder, like he was trying to beeg hindi make up beeg poto for time lost. I looked beeg down at the relief in his eyes beeg com and we both beeg xnxx had beeg teen to work hard to stifle our laughter. I could www.beeg.com tell he wasn't as put beeg . off as I was. He was a honest kid, beeg porn the kind of xxx beeg guy who smiles and doesn't throw up a fake ass mug when he's happy. He was a crook, don't get me wrong, but he had a for real I-don't-give-a-shit-what-you-think beeg mp4 attitude that was rare. In all honesty sexy beeg.com/ guys are a dime a dozen but Austin was one of a kind. That and our natural chemistry made him seem like an unobtainable dream instead of a possible lover. beeg com Yet there we were, macking on each other. He rubbed his beeg jepang lips against my neck then tugged at my ear with his teeth. I bit back beeg . a groan, trying to keep quiet. Heated breath rushed past my right ear as he whispered, "Stand up." Even though he told me to rise he didn't make it easy. He kept his beeg.c mouth on me, nipping my exposed skin gently with his beeq.com teeth, sucking my naval, rubbing my legs as they tried to push the rest of my body into the air. I ignored the fear. I comforted myself with the fact that I could get used to his heavy affection, to anal beeg the way he seemed like he couldn't get enough of me. I decided to keep my wits about me so, if he wants beeg 18 friends with benefits instead of a boyfriend, I wouldn't be heart broken. His slick lips, his wet tongue, and his soft fingers stayed on me. When I beeg teen was finally supporting my own weight he yanked беег at my jeans which, since I was sagging, pooled around my ankles. My bright red boxers were quick to follow. By dick flicked out and bobbed on the spot. He just looked at it. beegcom I was pretty big and more than a little fat. It seriously didn't look beeg anal like it belonged on beeg.com/ my skinny ass but that only made it look bigger than it actually was. He had beeg xnxx me stark naked in Walter's closet with Walter beeg movies riding a huge rubber dick in the next room. He was still sitting on his ass and as he looked up at me I fell beeg videos into those eyes, and a cocky grin spread across his face. Then he licked his lips, his eyes locked onto my leaking dick and beeg..com he beeg sexxx dove into me face first. I mom beeg cringed real bad and my mouth beeg xxx opened wide. It felt so good I had to shove my fist into my mouth. He had to pull his dick down with his hands but the beeg-com warmth of his tight grip only made me hotter. He suckled up and down my shaft with his lips, he alternated and started swirling his milf beeg tongue around my head. He moved around, still fully dressed, till he was on his knees. Then he pushed me into the wall and dove into me, swallowing my entire dick in one take. That's when I realized I beeg black wasn't messing www beeg with a virgin. I was almost delirious and, somewhere in beeg milf beeg lesbian the back of I mind, I thought "this is what it feels like to be serviced". He bobbed back before slipping me back into his throat. I bit back a groan, I heard him bee inhale deeply. I watched the drool fall from his pink lips, it bubbled on my dick and my shit was slick as he sucked forward and rocked back achingly slow. My ears rang with the sound of his quiet slurps, Walter's deep groans and the beeg porche sound of the suction cup on that dildo being worked to the max. My skin crawled as his hands traced a hot path across my chest and abs while deep throating, licking and slurping up beeg jepang and down my dick shaft. My eyes bugged watching him constantly make my dark, spit slick dick disappear between those pink lips. Just when I was about beeg mp4 to reach the point of no return he let me fall out his mouth. It was so sudden I almost grabbed him by the hair and yanked him back. "Turn around." He was breathless, I was a little too eager to do as he said.. I had forgot b eeg about the clothes beeg xxx pooled around my ankles and tripped on them. I was falling, and not towards the wall but the door. If Austin hadn't shot up to his feet and caught me I would've fell my naked black ass into Walter's room beeg x and we'd have been caught. After we caught our breath we both couldn't xnxx beeg stop laughing. I was surprised he didn't hear us giggling like school girls in his closet. I kicked off beeg beeg the pants as, behind me, Austin shoved his pants to the ground. At that point I knew the score. I had to return the favor but he wanted my face to the wall. He was still in control, still beeg video the dominant one. He pulled off his T-shirt and threw it into the same pile my clothes beeg ass were in. There, in that cramped closet, I felt his beeg sexxn hot hands on my ass. "You don't mind do you?" He asked as he slid beeg.com his hot hands against my asshole. I shook beeg videos my head. The contact alone was sending that electric sensation into my dick. I was more than ready to let that sexy, long fingered, gorgeous white boy fuck me in the closet of a friend I was cool with but he didn't like too much. Then I felt him getting back on his knees, one hand still on my ass. I closed beeg hot my eyes tight as his hands became claws that spread my cheeks. I had to bite back a scream beeg 18 the moment he smashed his face against my ass. He devoured me from behind. I had to pull one of Walter's shirts down and stuff beeeg it into beeg 4k my mouth to www beeg com stay quiet, he was that good. He would lap at my ass like a fat kid with an ice cream cone. Then he'd burry his face in my cheeks, trying to force his tongue deeper and deeper into me before pulling off with his lips, sucking and drilling my ass like it was the last thing he`d get to do as a free man. After a while he pulled my hips back, so he'd have better access. I was delirious. I was lucky I already had the shirt in my mouth because if I hadn't we'd have been beeg xx seriously fucked (no pun intended). Then he pulled my dick back and sucked beeg tubes it from behind for a second while shoving a finger knuckle deep inside me. I wiggled my ass against the finger trying to fuck me. When he sucked one of beeg milf my super sensitive balls into his mouth I lost beag.com it. Biting down on the shirt in my mouth beeg black I unloaded teen beeg like I had never unloaded before. It was like all the heat and energy in my body was emptying through my dick. I screamed, I clawed at the wall, I growled, I shook like an epileptic having a bad episode. He not only never stopped but redoubled his hd beeg efforts. It was like he was hungry for my pleasure, desperate to make me cum so hard I could feel it in my toes. I did, I felt every inch of my body crawl and vibrate and shiver beegporn before it was all gone, leaving me in the embrace of the greatest nut high of my life. I slid to the ground. I couldn't get enough air and I was hungry and thirsty, common symptoms after busting any nut especially after a nut like that. Everything was quiet as beeg xx I let the spit soaked edge of Walter's spit soaked shirt fall out my mouth. beeg tube I had catch my breath and he started getting back dressed. "What about you?" I asked and he put a finger to beeh his lips and handed me my clothes. I peaked around the door. Walter was on his back. He was naked, spread eagled, had a big dick hanging out his beegxxx ass site beeg.com beeg and was snoring loud teen beeg enough for the two of us to fuck on top of him and disturb that nigga. The flick was over. We was outta there. The moment we got downstairs he stopped me. His beeg ass hand framed my face and he pressed his lips against mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and slid his hands toward my back, wrapping his arms around my neck. His lips beeg sexxn were slick and still juicy, beeg.coom I could taste myself on his tongue. I put my hands on his waist and I was the one who pulled our bodies together. I wasn't afraid anymore, I just wanted him to know I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He squeezed tight like he didn't one to let go. He pulled away from the kiss and let his head fall to my shoulder, moving his arms out the way so we could just hold each other. Walter's mom was famous for never being беег home so we, like Walter, weren't afraid of getting caught with our pants down. When he let me go his eyes were shiny and I used my thumb to wipe the tear that had yet free beeg to fall from his face. Then, after he smiled and kissed my cheek, I saw it. The movie we were looking for, The Watchmen, was on counter downstairs. I guessed Walter put it there so he'd remember to take it to Austin. Austin almost scooped it www beeg.com up beeg xvideos but I grabbed him and pulled him out the door. beeg.com/ The look he gave me was confused, not mad like I'd thought it'd be. I locked the door behind us and rung the doorbell. That's when begg it clicked for Austin. After waiting a good ten minutes we heard feet beeg indian almost tripping down the stairs. Walter opened the door and beeg. com beeg.c his usually immaculate beeg sexxx clothes were all fucked up. "Wassup Walt." I said, holding my hand out. He took and shook but beeg tubes I pulled him in begg and slid my hand across his lower back, "Aye boy." "H-hi." He said in that deep ass voice. "Hey." Austin said and I gave him a look. He held his free beeg hand out and did what I did. For the rest of our "visit" Walter kept stuttering. We shamelessly flurted with his black ass. We got beeg mom the movie back, of course, but we stayed a while and shot the shit with Walter. When I noticed Austin getting frustrated I told Walter I had to get back home. Walter was so far beeg video gone he didn't beeg. even notice that Austin's car wasn't in the driveway or on the road. I just knew he was going back upstairs for hd beeg round two on that huge dick, this time thinking about me and indian beeg Austin touching on him and being flirty. Austin was quiet as we walked to his car and, when we got in, just looked at me. It was the beeg porn first time beeg movies we didn't know what to say to each other but when he started to put the keys in the car I stopped him. "What about you?" I asked again. beeg xvideos He chuckled as I pushed my jeans and beeg porn bright red boxers down. "Shit James calm down..." I liked watching the red creep up his face. Walter's closet was one thing but he'd already been busted for public indecency. "Nope." I said as I straddled him in the car, my dick hard again and beeg.c lying on his wwwbeeg chest. "Oh shit." he beeg mp4 said, looking around. He bit his lip b eeg and said, "Alright, you wanna play, we can play." All I could say was, "All right then nigga, put up or shut up." I beeeg lifted up and let him push his jeans free porn beeg www.beeg com down. "Promise you won't xxxbeeg think less of me." I said as I reached down and pointed his beeg. dick at me. "I promise." He huffed, all red vanished from his face and it was replaced with a bit lip and eyes that screamed trouble. I sunk onto him. His dick pushed me open in that xxxbeeg familiar way and a sigh escaped my lips. Austin's seat went back and beeg gesetz he pulled off his shirt. That time he didn't have the patience to go button by buttoned and just ripped my shirt apart. Buttons beeg..com flew. beeg hd I was trying www.beeg to get used to the beeg free shear beeg porno length of his dick. Yeah, my dick had more weight on it but his won the length race hands down. It reached up into unexplored territory and beeg .com made my beegporn toes curl. With my left leg reaching into the beeg sex back seat and my right going out his window I put my hands on the arm rests beeg beeg and started pushing myself up and down his shaft. His face was priceless. His mouth danced around opening, licking his lips, biting milf beeg his lip and grinding his teeth. His hands went to his head and grabbed twin handfuls of his black hair and those sky blue eyes were wide as saucers as I rode out his orgasm. I was in control. He was gasping for air and powerless to stop me from making him babble and beegs groan like a dying man. I beeg-com reached beeg down and pulled a nipple until he came up and wrapped his arms around me. Then he pushed my back into the steering wheel. I was no longer in control. With the steering wheel in my back and the sound of the horn blaring with beeg porno every thrust he pounded into me with fevered affection. The car shook, I spotted a group of boys out the corner of my eye and my leg was still out the window while I was getting my ass smashed by this beautiful white boy. Then his arms became underhooks, wrapping around to pull my back away from the horn. Then he ground his dick into beeg porno me and I saw stars. beeg sex video My beeg xnxx head was on his www.beeg..com shoulder as he maintained a steady massage on my prostate. As the loudest groan in the world indian beeg rose out of my mouth applause rang out from our little audience. All of that took about five minutes and then he held me as tight as he could and roared like an animal. I felt the slimy heat beeg .com spreading in me and dribbling out. He didn't stop though, he fucked me beeg black in jerky, beeg com. rough and erratic thrusts that forced the nut deeper into me beeg com and out of me at the same time. Our breaths beeg were ragged, our lips were locked and, when I leaned back against the wheel, applause broke out again. Five kids beeg indian that looked like they were in middle school where calling for an encore. There was whistling, jeering and hooping. Instead we gave them a show of us making out. The five boys gave each other high fives but walked off the other way as Austin pulled out. "That was wild." He said, out of breath. "Yeah." I agreed, "By th